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About: Travel by the Pint


Travel by the Pint is a video podcast showcasing great beer destinations in America's Heartland.

What makes a great beer destination? We travel. A lot. And when we're on the road, we like to seek out the local flavor. Small shops, attractions and restaurants that are unique and special. Local brewpubs, as well. That's what makes a great beer destination: a place with some color, character and a good refreshing beer at the end of the day.

We want to share these destinations with you. We'll interview brewmasters and pub owners to find out what makes them special and, along the way, we'll show you some highlights of the area that you can enjoy when you pay a visit of your own.

It's not just about the beer it's the people who make it and create great places for us to enjoy it in. It all began with Season One: A Taste of the Heartland. We visited Michigan, Texas, Arkansas, and Kentucky as we sought out fresh pints. Season Two covered more of America including breweries and brewpubs in South Dakota, Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, Missouri and Ohio. In Season Three we make it to the west coast, the gulf coast and many more places yet to be determined. Check out all of our episodes as we explore all that is hoppy and wonderful.

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Please drink responsibly — don't drink and drive.